Mini Meetup at KS

I had a mini meetup at Kai Seng’s yesterday. When asked pointblank why he shouldn’t be hosting the next meetup, he replied that his place was too small. Oh PUH-LEEZE! All that concerns the CGSG in me is the company and the coffee. Of course, the only other major factor would be GOOD coffee. And Kai Seng’s HX machine is way better than my Gaggia, which I subjected many of the CGSGers to when I hosted the 2nd meetup. It was pure torture. I’m sorry. The ones who didn’t make the 2nd meetup were spared luckily. Hmmm…  maybe that’s why Steve declined to turn up, after having tasted the swill from my machine a few days earlier when he helped me diagnose its faults.

We pulled the KS blend, which was so endearing it followed me to work later on the day. Endearing because it had this wonderful lingering fragrance. I wonder if it’s the Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley. Wonderful, you must try KS’s blend. He blended 4 different coffees into it. WOW!

I pulled my Zambia Malabar blend. He tried some and said it was one-dimensional. I tried some, and to me it wasn’t. I’m so used to the crappy swill that comes out of my equally crappy machine, that when it comes to pulling the same from fellow CGSGers’ high end machines, I basically can taste the BIIG differences in the coffee.

As for Kai Seng’s remark about his small place, it’s unwarranted. He probably just doesn’t want us to raid his coffee collection. (Just kidding. KS.) He offered to let me take some beans home. What a guy! Tell me why KS shouldn’t be hosting the next meetup. :)    ;)  KS Blend over Highlander blend anytime, anyday.

2 things that came up yesterday:

I suggested that we should try and design a logo for CGSG and make some cotton drawstring bags with the logo. Wouldn’t that be neat? I know everyone in the group should need cotton bags to age or store their coffee. After all, Singapore is the place to age coffee. We have the right humidity and temperature working for us in Singapore.

KS suggested going over to Keith’s restaurants during a less busy day/time to try some of his brew after I harped to him about Keith’s espressoes. I’ll be arranging this for the next next meetup after the Highlander’s and KS’s (if there is one).

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