Opening of Peaberry & Pretzel at Sunset Way

My heartfelt congratulations to Adrian, another CGSGer, for opening this much anticipated bistro, Peaberry & Pretzel. Besides boasting a traditional fare of German cuisine, beautifully crafted desserts, Peaberry & Pretzel has freshly roasted coffee beans (oh yes) in store for us geeks. Coupled that with a beauty of a machine, a La Marzocco GB5, I just can’t wait to try this bistro out.

This new bistro might just put an end to all those “Can’t get a decent espresso in Singapore” posts. Darn. I need to find new blog material.

For all those raring to try out Adrian’s espresso, please head on down to:

Peaberry & Pretzel
106 Clementi Street 12
(off sunset way)

You can also visit his blog which is chock full of great photos of Peaberry & Pretzel’s entrees.

2 thoughts on “Opening of Peaberry & Pretzel at Sunset Way”


    “Just a very quick update for everyone. Will post a ‘full report’ later, but just to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon today. Turned up a little late at 4.30pm (sorry Adrian) and was treated to a double ristretto behind the counter. Had the chance to touch the GB5 and watch it in action up close. Shortly afterwards, we were joined by Kasper, a fellow CGSG member. After sitting down, we all enjoyed a very nice cap and I finished the afternoon off with another double ristretto. The GB5 is amazing and Adrian did a fine job preparing the drinks. Amazing shots btw. Probably the most mouthfeel that I’ve tasted yet. Even after 5 days, the beans were still quite lively and seemed to be roasted just right. Very smooth and creamy. On the cafe front, I was very impressed with the concept, design, decor and colours. Even after just 3 weeks, the place has a very welcoming feel about it. I’m sure that you are going to enjoy a lot of repeat business Adrian! Good luck to you, your wife and your fellow
    investors. All I can say to the other CGSG members, is to visit the cafe and enjoy the attention to detail. This really is the sort of place that we need more of in Singapore. It’s also the sort of place that I’m sure many of us would dream of opening up ourselves …”

  2. What a great endorsement from Steve (who has an Expobar Brewtus II at home.) I’ll definitely try and make it this weekend.

    Looking forward to your full report, Steve.

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