Panic Attack

Today, I had the ultimate panic attack. Plus stupidity. I turned on the
Anita, hit the showers, and came back to the Anita. The Anita takes
about 30 minutes to warm up. I put my Vivave Dolce into the grinder,
turn on the grinder. I went back to do a flush, and to my utter
amazement, the digital temp read 78.4ºF. What???

The boiler did not turn on. Panic attack starts here. The Anita is on,
green light, but the boiler’s red light did not turn on. First thing I
did, panic button means turn on the comp and emailing chriscoffee. HELP!

It was working fine yesterday, my last drink. What went wrong???

Then, I opened the top cover to examine the water reservoir.

DARN! Panic Attack ends here. STUPIDITY comes in. I was out of water,
and the magnetic sensor detected just that and refused to turn on the
boiler til I’ve added water.

I waited for another 20 minutes, all the while thinking the Vivace
Dolce must be stale in the grinder, and no more crema. To my surprise,
it was a good pour, despite the low temperature, and it had the same
decent crema I get on normal days. A good mouthfeel, very balanced taste, neither bitter nor acidy.

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