I first came across this word when I watched an episode of Boston Legal where James Spader’s character, Alan Shore explains it as “taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune.” I am guilty of schadenfreude when I read about Starbucks closing their stores. I’m thinking in the perspective of someone who enjoys coffee, as someone who enjoys good coffee. I’m not thinking in terms of the twelve thousand jobs lost, or the greater numbers of lives that will be affected as a cause of this major retrenchment. As a result of Starbucks closing their 600 stores in US, will this really pave the way for better coffee?

If there’s one thing good about Starbucks, it has to be this:

If Starbucks coffee wasn’t so bad, we won’t be out there looking for the good.

You people with your La Marzoccos, your La Pavinas, your Expobars, your Quickmills, your Faemas, would you have wanted it any other way? Your spouses will beg to differ, I think.

One thought on “Schadenfreude”

  1. They have way too many stores anyways. alot of times 2 stores in the same 4 way intersection. But they are also going to reallocate the 12k jobless to near by stores. so they won’t let the “good” training go to waste.

    BY the way, Speaking about coffee, will be back in singapore from 4th sept to 29 sept, you going to watch the grandpix?

    You want another bag of the beans?

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