It All Started

The year was 2007. I started this blog. I’ve oft wondered what it was like to be a barista or to work in the coffee industry. I spent half of my working life in a comicbook store, which I think is the ultimate career to have, albeit tough work and tiresome nights, but rewarding as I get to read the entire store. And the customers. I still miss the weekly get-togethers.

Coffee Greens Singapore. CGSG for short. We are a group of people, home roasters, home baristas who met over and in 2007, and then decided to form the Singapore chapter by holding meetups over at everyone else’s cot. We home-roast, we share bean purchases, we R&D the next coffee toy, we home-made modifications to our existing setup, etc. We did almost everything coffee other than to meet up in a cafe and have coffee. That was 2007. We can’t find decent coffee, so the only solution was to roast at home. Singapore National Barista Championships began the same year.

The year is now 2012. I’m working at Oriole Coffee as an apprentice roaster. There are budding 3rd wave cafes littered all over Singapore, so much so a few of the CGSG members have grown lazy home-roasting. The core members of CGSG still meet up regularly, over coffee, over steak-outs, over beers and ales, over new toy purchases.

The year is now 2012. Tomorrow’s the Singapore National Barista Championships. My colleagues Romeo Alfen and Jeffrey Ng take their turns onstage as the 1st and 2nd performers to start SNBC 2012. Dinie is the 17th of 19 performers on the 2nd day, and I’m taking to the stage 19th of 19. Last I checked, the core members of CGSG are meeting up on the 2nd day.

Thank you.

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  1. Peter Chong says:

    How true….i still remember our first get together…at my place.

    And the last time I did any roasting was probably last year! The third wave cafes now do such a good job, I don’t feel like roasting. I still have a few kilos of greens.

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