Ryan Kieran Tan to be on WBC 2012 Day 2

This just in, hat tip to Shin Hao from Jewel Coffee:

The current Singapore National Barista Champion Ryan Kieran Tan will be performing on Day 2 of the World Barista Championship 2012 in Vienna. He will be the 3rd performer for the day, 31st performer out of 54 countries taking part in WBC 2012.

WBC Day 1 Schedule

WBC Day 2 Schedule

Ryan’s performance is at 8.53 am Vienna, Austria CEST Time, on June 13th, 2012 which converts to 2.53 pm Singapore Time. Be sure to catch him on livestream below:

WBC 2012 Livestream Day 2

And here’s wishing him good luck as well.

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