Oriole Mac Yellowbird Blend

Posted in coffee, cupping, espresso, john, Notes, oriole, oriole-coffee-roasters, Pulls, Rant, Roasts, taste, ting on December 27th, 2011 by Colin Loh

Oriole Coffee just announced their new Yellowbird seasonal espresso blend this Christmas week. Previous iterations of Yellowbird have been a duo-origin blend, Brazilian and Ethiopian, and this new YB follows in its ancestral footsteps. Made up of 20% Ethiopian Sidama, and 80% of a semi-washed Brazilian bean from Fazenda Machado, this YB proves to be another winner in… Continue reading

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Toby’s Estate Opens in Singapore

Posted in Cafe, espresso, Meetups, Roasts, singapore, taste, tobys_estate on October 9th, 2011 by Colin Loh
Toby's Estate to go

I’ve known about Toby’s Estate opening in Singapore a while back. I was highlighted to it by way of jimseven and then Deaton Pigot, who opened Toby’s Estate in New York. Blogging has its accolades. In fact, it was the 1st of only 2 coffee places I went to for job interviews.


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Posted in Cafe, News on April 26th, 2011 by Steve Cairns

I was catching up with CG podcasts today and listened to the Christchurch post-earthquake episode that was really moving.  The city has been devastated we all know … as has Japan.  One of our most respected coffee gurus, Carl Sara, who has a cafe there, has set up a website with some help from Mark Prince (CoffeeGeek), Steve Leighton (HasBean) and Lawrence Brown (Web designer) – a virtual cafe, where… Continue reading

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Nespresso Pixie and Onirio Launch

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nespresso pixie in singapore

Nespresso Pixie launches in Singapore


I just got back from Red Dot Design Museum where Nespresso has just launched their smallest Nespresso machine named the Nespresso Pixie. Read this post for the Previous Nespresso Experience

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SNBC Day 2

Posted in championship on February 26th, 2010 by Colin Loh

Today, I came prepared, with my naked portafilter, a digital thermometer crippled from my Eric Svendson’s setup from home, and my Espro tamper.

While attention was focused on the latte art competition on the floor, I stole away to try my stint at the Rancilio Classe 6 unit at the door. A few points in summary:

My Rancilio naked portafilter locks in at 6 o clock

The… Continue reading

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Factors to Look Out For When Buying Freshly Roasted Coffee

Posted in Notes on November 21st, 2009 by Colin Loh

I’ve wanted to broach on this subject for a long time now, ever since some friends and I have experienced disappointments from roasters in Singapore. What typically happens is that we’re assured by the MBTC (Men Behind The Counter) that the beans we’ve bought are freshly roasted the week before or so, and then we get home only to find out the beans are stale beyond consumption. Before I go… Continue reading

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i-Roast 2

Posted in Tools on November 15th, 2008 by Colin Loh

I finally bought a coffee roaster. I’ve been using a popcorn roaster to roast coffee for the longest time. Melvin alerted me to someone selling the i-Roast 2 because he had received the US model. Knowing that I had a good collection of power transformers, Melvin emailed me and the deal was sealed.


Enter the… Continue reading

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