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I’m blogging from Geek Terminal, a new swanky cafe at 55 Market Street, around the corner from OUB Center near Raffles Place MRT. A friend, Erik recommended me this place as he knew I liked coffee. Geek Terminal has a Ferrari Red La Pavoni 3 group piston machine. I’ve already had a Illy single espresso and a cappa. Erik had a latte. The espresso (S$2.00) has almost no crema, chalk it up to Illy beans. The latte (S$3.50) had a nice rosetta, low contrast with the crema as it was a light caramel shade. The cappa was sporting a really great rosetta, but thanks to the light crema, I think they used chocolate powder to make sure the rosetta had more of a contrast. My 3rd cup was a cafe mocha. Another wonderful rosetta as shown below. The cafe mocha was one of the better ones I’ve had in these parts.

There is a wall-mounted mirror to show off the barista at work on the machine, which is a La Pavoni Bar 3L (shown below). Geek Terminal has what I call an excellent cafe etiquette. The coffee beans are ground to order, leaving no stale grounds in the dosing chamber of the grinder. Portafilters are locked into the grouphead when idle. There’ll be a definite improvement if they ever use freshly roasted beans.

Free wifi for diners. The network is not password protected, so hooking up is as simple as selecting the geek_terminal network. And if you do need A/C power, fret not. Geek Terminal has installed this revolutionary power outlet system called the Eubiq System. It consists of these rubber tracks that run along the floors, and the walls. To plug your laptop or device to the system, you just have to ask for the adaptor from the staff. These adaptors plug anywhere along the tracks. Where there’s track, there’s power. Ingenious! While there is often the lack of power outlets in most other cafes, this one beckons you to use their wonderful facilities.

I would highly recommend this place if you’re ever in the area. Geek Terminal raises the bar for cafes in Singapore with their open-handed approach.

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  1. Hi,

    though we’ve not met, I must thank you for the kind words you wrote. Now I am going to knock Azman ‘s head for not watching his coffee….anyway, I am always glad to meet another coffee geek like you. Please, look me up when you are in here again! I will even invite to have a go at the machine! Trust you are expert already with what you have been doing at home…

    Chief Barista
    Geek Terminal

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