Stale Coffee Beans

I’ve got just a bit of Vivace Dolce left, over 3 weeks since their roast date. To make the best of it, I’ve been

  1. Keeping the beans in its original one way valve bag, taking care to press out as much air out of the bag before ziplocking it.
  2. Keeping the coffee beans in the dark, away from light.
  3. Drinking only Aeropress – I can taste the staleness when I did espresso for the beans a week past the roast date. Aeropress is one of the ways to go. Having Aeropressed coffee from 3 week old beans still beats coffee from any of the major chains in Singapore.

Mmmm… I just snuck a few sniffs from the bag of freshly roasted Brazil Moreninha Formosa. Needs maybe 2 more days of rest.

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