Rate of Flow

What is an acceptable rate of flow from a bottomless portafilter?

Brazil Moreninha Formosa Day 5

For me, I try to keep it to a mouse tail. While I know this is applicable
to those stock portafilters with their bottoms intact, I’m not sure
about the bottomless. Something to look in the forums for. My ideal for
a well-rested coffee would be to do a 45 second ristretto, where the
flow is sticky, gooey, and drips down like chocolate fudge, and I’ll
cut the flow at the slightest hint of pale. Intense.

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2 thoughts on “Rate of Flow”

  1. Hi Colin, what’s you brew ratio? Meaning what’s the weight of the espresso you pulled with how much coffee(weight as well) in the basket?

    I don’t think there is an ideal pour rate. It’s really your taste. No one can fault you if you want to pack it in for a triple basket and just get 1 oz or 16g of espresso out of it. I think maybe the more important thing is if there is channeling and blonding.

    You know what, if it is about taste, there can be so many variables already! Shape of the cup, leaving the cream intact or mixing it in, whether the shots flows down the walls of the cup or straight onto the bottom, and even the diameter of the cup can be a variable affecting taste and experience.

    Sigh..espresso is so complex..

  2. I concur. Making a good espresso is a science. There are too many variables involved. The existence of PIDs and better equipment help in a small way to minimize this number.

    I use 20 grams of coffee in a double basket. I’ve not measured the exact volume of espresso. I shall work on that.

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