SNBC Predictions

Despite having seen only a handful of performances, I will say that Oriole Cafe should once again dominate the top 3 positions this year. John’s performance was tip-top despite going 2 seconds over the time limit of 15 minutes. Cuppachoice would be my other bet to cinch the top 3’s. Suhaimie’s performance was excellent, especially his signature beverage. My predictions will be:

#1 John Ting of Oriole
#2 Keith Loh of Oriole
#3 Suhaimie Sukiman of Cuppachoice

Other favourites whom I’ve not seen perform will be Ian Consulta of CuppaChoice, Ahmad Hidayat of Kith Cafe.

One thought on “SNBC Predictions”

  1. Great blog posts about SNBC. Any insight into what coffees are being used by competitors? Blends or SO? How about the sig drinks – local ingredients? Thanks so much. Would be great to see additional video and photos!

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