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Roast Day Sunday

Bean: Bolivian Peaberry

Degree: Northern Italian Roast

Roast Time: 12.30 pm @ 8 min 45 sec

I ended this roast on the verge of 2nd crack, at around 8 min 45 sec. Only time will tell whether I made a good roast. I normally do not stop the roast until I see oil seeping thru the bean surface. I intend to let this batch rest at least 2 days before I drink it. I find a lot of coffee I roast peak at around 3rd or 4th day. They are stored in one way valve bags after cooling. I prefer the one way valve bags as I can squeeze out the air, and let the carbon dioxide emitted from the beans do its job. Can’t do this with those containers with the vacuum pump. It sucks out the air, but it doesn’t allow the carbon dioxide to exit the container.

I’ve only had a cup of Aeropressed Dolce decaf today, which is comparable to an Americano. Seems like I’ve only enough to make one more decaf drink before I’m out completely.

I go to this Hong Kong cafe – Xin Wang at Orchard Cineleisure sometimes. They have this Iced Macau Coffee on their menu that I like to order. Essentially iced milk coffee served in a stainless steel mug. It’s quite good, and it’s actually iced cowboy coffee. Cowboys dump an egg in the brew.

Last Friday, I went to TCC at Peranakan Place. TCC is one of those 1 in every 100 meters coffee joints, much like Starbucks. TCC stands for The Coffee Connoisseur. They have Kenya AA, Brazil Santos, Jamaican Blue Mountain, but I took the safe route and ordered San Pellegrino water. I saw the espresso in the next table, the usual cafe americano passed off as espresso. The machines TCC uses are super-automatics. I’ve also been to McDonald’s cafes using super-automatics with Bon-cafe beans in the hopper. Seems like super-automatics are the trend these days. It makes little difference, either a untrained barista behind a good semi-automatic pumping swill or a monkey behind the counter pushing buttons serving swill.

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